4 Ways to Get Into Real Estate Without Becoming An Agent

The real estate industry is always an interesting career choice because of how volatile it can be. It can take a while to establish a successful career, but the hard work is worth it. The best thing about the real estate industry is that you do not need to become a licensed real estate agent to develop a lucrative career. If selling real estate is not your forte, then you should consider some of these other real estate related careers.

Home Inspector

If sales and dealing with clients is really not your thing, then you should seriously consider getting a home inspection license. Once you are licensed, you set up marketing for your services that does the selling for you. The job consists of creating professional home inspection reports that are used for everything from appraisals to mortgage refinancing arrangements. You get the chance to meet a lot of new people, but it is a job that is largely done anonymously.


Being a real estate investor is not quite as difficult as it may sound. If you do not have your own money to utilize, then you can set up a network of lenders who can help you fund your projects. An investor will usually find a property, buy it, remodel it and then sell it for a profit. It takes years to understand the ins and outs of good real estate investing, but it can be extremely lucrative if you get it right.

Property Management

Real estate property managers work for rental property owners as maintenance personnel and tenant liaisons. A property manager takes care of routine maintenance, handles all repairs and also collects the rent each month from tenants. You can choose to work for property owners who have small residential properties, or you can get involved with large commercial owners for projects that command more of a fee.


A real estate wholesaler is someone who acts as the middleman between property owners and investors. The wholesaler will look for property owners who are either looking to sell their property to avoid bankruptcy or owners who have abandoned properties they want to sell, and they will put together a sales arrangement with the owner. The wholesaler never actually buys the property, but the investor pays a commission to the wholesaler when they agree to take over the property from the owner. Before you become a wholesaler, you should consult with a real estate attorney to make sure that you stay within the limits of the law.

Real estate can be a promising career, but some people simply do not want to get involved with selling property. If your dream is to become involved in real estate but you are not interested in sales, then there are plenty of other potentially lucrative careers you can follow. It is possible that after a few years of being involved in the non-sales side of real estate that you will find yourself wanting to get involved in commissioned sales. But whether you want to sell or not, there is plenty of ways to make a living in real estate.