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Carpet Cleaning-What Are The Different Methods?

There are actually different kinds of carpet cleaning methods that you can choose from such as the shampooing carpet cleaning method, bonnet carpet cleaning method, dry carpet cleaning method and many more. There are methods that are good for residential homes and there are methods that are good for commercial establishments.

Below are the types of carpet cleaning method:

A. Shampooing carpet cleaning method
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This carpet cleaning method is perfect for small sized and light weight carpets. In this method, they will put a special detergent on the top of the carpet, then scrub it and last would be to vacuum it.
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The special detergent has deodorizers and brighteners and this is why the carpet smells really good and looks more brighter. This kind of cleaning method cannot really remove the dirt.

B. Dry carpet cleaning method

This method is a bit the same with the shampooing method. So many people prefer this kind of carpet cleaning method since they do not need to wait for their carpet to dry. They do not use liquid products in this method. They use specialized powder that can attract the dirt that is in the carpet. After the powder spreads throughout the carpet they will make use of a vacuum cleaner.

C. Foam carpet cleaning method

The method has a similar process with the dry carpet cleaning method, but they still need to use a small amount of foam detergent and water. Both methods can clean only the top third part of the carpet. But, this kind of cleaning method cannot clean and remove heavy stains on carpets.

D. Bonnet carpet cleaning method

This kind of carpet cleaning method is usually used in carpeting of commercial and industrial buildings. They do not use this method in cleaning carpets in houses because it can damage it. They use chemical detergent and a rotary shampoo machine to clean this kind of carpet. To remove the dirt, they will put an absorbent pad on the machine.

E. Hot water extraction method

This kind of carpet cleaning method is also called the steam carpet cleaning method. They make use of a machine that will release detergent and super hot water to the carpet. The mixture is very strong and this is the reason why the carpet will really be clean. The good thing about this carpet cleaning method is that it can remove different kinds of bacteria, stain, dirt and soil that are stuck in the carpet. This method should be done by a trained professional.

Now, that you know the different kinds of carpet cleaning methods, the next thing that you need to do is to find a reliable carpet cleaning company.