Finding the right backyard shed in North Dakota

Home storage sheds come in so many assorted styles, shapes and sizes that they defy description, when being talked about in general terms. People who are shopping for a backyard shed, for the first time, are also frequently surprised at the incredibly wide range of prices that can be found with home storage sheds. Units can range from $100, for the cheapest, smallest models, to well over $10,000 for the most elaborate and spacious. Which shed is ultimately best for you is dependent on many factors. But there are a few things that should always be considered.

Why do you need the shed?

If you need a shed for what is anticipated as a temporary surge in belongings, which you currently have no room to store, a cheaper solution may make sense. Some advantages of going with a cheaper shed, such as those constructed of corrugated aluminum or even tarp, are that they tend to be highly portable, they may cost just fractions of what wood-framed sheds cost and they tend to be easy to assemble and take down. These cheaper sheds, often constructed of metal, can also be a great bargain for someone who only needs the storage space and doesn’t care at all about aesthetics. This may be particularly true for someone who lives in the deep woods or in the country, where the shed will be isolated from view.

But there are also significant downsides to going with a cheap shed. If you live in a suburban neighborhood, there is a significant chance that the homeowner’s association will have prohibited certain types of sheds. These prohibited models normally include cheap-looking metal sheds and storage facilities that use tarp or other cloth. Another significant issue with metal sheds is that, save for the largest structures that are meant to be anchored to concrete foundations, metal and tarp sheds will typically be vulnerable to severe weather. Even a strong thunderstorm of the kind often seen on the Great Plains can easily level a metal or tarp storage structure.

For those looking for sheds for sale in ND, it may often be best to go with a high-quality, wood-framed structure. These sheds not only look great, they are highly resistant to severe weather. And unlike metal sheds, which are normally considered a liability when selling a house, an attractive wood shed can add significant value to your home. While these permanent structures may not technically add square footage to your house, there are enough buyers who need the extra storage space that a handsome barn-style shed can add significantly to a home’s chances of selling, and it can often allow a higher price to be fetched.

The only real downside with wood sheds is the price. Barn-style sheds can easily run into the low-thousands of dollars, making them as much as ten times more expensive than metal or tarp structures of a comparable size. But wood sheds also add a level of security for the items they contain.