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Some Tips on How to Create a Focal Point

The use of focal points given a limited amount of space to work on is crucial in interior decoration. The moment a woman enters a room, she immediately gets an impression of that room. All items inside the room converge on a particular focal point. If a room does not have a focal point, it lacks order and coherence. Below are simple principles to remember in creating a focal point.

Do Not Pack Them Tightly

Bookshelves, for example, take up a good amount of space on walls. It is so common to find a bookshelf that contains no amount of decor at all. Redesign your bookshelf to become the focal point of the room. Many experienced interior designers advice the use of more diverse decor on covered storages and bookshelves. Keep unsightly items off your bookshelf and put them away in storage boxes in your attic. Place select books with visually attractive covers in areas that are readily seen on the shelf. Not everything has to go in the bookshelf. Leave spaces in between items. The mind doesn’t find too much pleasure in spaces that are packed too tightly.

Adding Fixtures on Walls

Many people go for single colored or bare undecorated walls. Having indoor waterfalls is a good and extravagant way to create a good focal point.

Draping Walls

Designers have been looking for clever ways to produce focal points more effectively. Drape both your windows and walls with curtains. Install curtains that harmonize with the entire room. This way you have created a focal point and made the room more pleasant to the eyes. But if you’ve chosen a minimalist approach, choose curtains that draw attention with its color or design. Some design companies offer a helping hand for you to be able to decorate your windows and walls with fabulous drapery.

The Importance of Lighting

Focal points effectively create the feeling that the room is bigger than it actually is. On the contrary, when people are dazzled by an enormous amount of light, they feel the room close in and become smaller rather than open up and become more spacious. Proper lighting should serve to enhance the convergence of all things towards the focal point. It is important for the light not to be too bright. Your focal point will begin to harmonize with its surrounding light. Deficiencies in focal points need to be enhanced. There are stylistic lighting designs that can enhance focal points that may easily get overlooked. Wall lamps can be placed above a fireplace and can serve as alternative light source that illuminates the fireplace.

Follow the simple suggestions in this article and discover the beauty of creating focal points in your rooms. Contact the nearest interior designer in your locality and ask for professional advice on how to create a focal point.