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Guide to Real Estate Investments vs Company Shares The best way to mitigate investment risk is still akin to our old saying “never put your eggs in the same basket”. This concept of spreading your investment into different directions apart from what you already have -the care of the hen, is to make room in getting a higher return than what might one achieved in doing the usual or the safe investment that you are already in. These comprise diversification to add value to your product, and asset allocation to balance the risk and the reward induced by your enterprising business. If you have a well diversified portfolio, it usually includes real estate and most investors get themselves involved in this. In recent years, brick and mortar businesses have taken a knocking, but real estate is still one of the most robust investment classes especially is the long run. Comparing risks between buying property and buying company shares should be factored in. There is a huge difference in risk between buying company shares and buying real estate, although company shares have marginally higher capital growth. It works this way. When risk is measured, you need to simply measure the variation of return versus capital growth (or loss) which statistics have shown to be +40% capital growth a year and a -40% in a week. This means that investing in shares can make you lose money in a short time. There is not much risk associated with real estate investment, so it is a safer investment.
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Entering into a new commercial enterprise where you have no specialist knowledge covers a greater commitment compared to buying property, because the longer the learning curve takes place, the greater the capital involved. There is no difficult starting a real estate investment. Big time realtors actually started by simply buying a house to live in, and seeing that the value of property increases in time, they have started to go into the business.
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When you are using property as a security, you can borrow more, then when you use shares to do so. So if you have properties you can even support your new business venture from lender who lend up to 90% of the value of your property as security. This shows that property investment is not only low risk; it is still remarkably a flexible investment. This includes long-term capital growth, positive cash flow, adding value. Other than that, you also have complete control over it as long as you can keep up the mortgage repayments. If you are looking at a long time investment, you can renovate your real property. Nothing to hurry about.