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Avoiding Incidents During Demolition In the demolition industry, companies do more than blowing off buildings randomly. It takes a lot of planning to destroy structures safely and properly. Many demolition companies and engineers all over the world have created numerous kinds of demolition process. It is important for the demolition design to create a precise and efficient result. The scope of demolition services reaches the residential, commercial and industrial properties and buildings. Any property less than three stories can be considered a residential demolition. It can last less than a day with the use of excavators, bulldozer, cranes and simple construction equipment to finish the job. Meanwhile, heavier and bigger equipment are used for commercial and industrial demolition projects. Wrecking balls and safety explosives are common in these larger demolition projects. Regardless of the demolition project classified as residential, industrial or commercial, contractors follow the same set of safety precaution and outline of the project. Contractors prepare with the clearing and removal of the debris and area then excavating before starting the demolition.
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This requires sufficient planning and preparation which can last for several weeks before the job can start formally. The design of the building is taken into consideration when planning for the demolition. Hazards like copper wire and glass are noted when designing the demolition process to avoid fire or injuries. The plan is also influenced by the location of the property. Buildings located in public places are usually imploded rather than exploded. Wrecking ball is one of the most common choice of equipment.
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They also need to consider having the engineering survey done along with utility location. The assistance of medical and first aid team, police and fire department are also necessary during demolition. Framework, floors, doors and walls are just few of the areas examined by the engineers. The assessment will then become a reference when choosing the method and equipment for the demolition. Water lines and electric lines are also considered during the demolition planning. The demolition contractor will see to it that they can relocate these utilities temporarily. To provide contingencies for possible injuries, a medical team will be on standby. There is also the plan to deal with potential fire or explosion in the property. Police and fire department are also involved in the plan of the demolition contractor to handle the evacuation process if necessary. The demolition company cannot continue with the job unless they have a plan to keep their workers safe within the demolition site. These aspects must be addressed during the planning. The demolition company must get a permit before they can even implement their plan. Demolition company covers all necessary areas like safety precaution, machinery to be used, the demolition process and even the standard of work. If a demolition contractor neglect one or two of these aspects, it is better to look for another demolition company.