When Should You Repipe Your House?

Repiping your home is not a minor undertaking. It involves replacing all the plumbing in your home, from the outside water meter to the pipes under your kitchen sink. Making the decision to replace all the pipes in your home is not something you should do without thought. It is a major undertaking that costs quite a bit.

Why Repiping Would Be Necessary?

You might be wondering why repiping your home would be necessary. The simple answer is that pipes wear out. The pipes in an older home have been doing their job for decades. At some point, the pipes may begin springing leaks. Fixing one leak is not a big deal. But, when you have failures in multiple spots, you know your plumbing is getting to the point where you need to replace it.

In the Port Charlotte area, there is a particular problem that drives the need to replace the pipes in a home. Most homes are built on a concrete slab foundation. Usually, copper water pipes are channeled under and through the concrete to supply kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms.

The problem is that these copper pipes have a tendency to spring pinhole leaks, usually within the concrete itself. This happens because the fluxing chemicals used to join pipes and joints can corrode the copper. Add to it the pH levels of the local water supply and the corrosion can erode the copper and start leaking.

If your home is built on a slab, you know the potential costs if you have to dig under the concrete to get at a leaking pipe. Doing it once costs quite a bit. If you have to do it multiple times, you are going to find the cost out of bounds.

When Should Repiping Be the Choice?

The decision to repipe your home is something only you can make. But, there are certain indicators that replacing the pipes is the best option available.

  • Your home is older. It can take decades for these pinhole leaks to start. The older your home is, the more likely you will need repiping.
  • You have already dealt with at least one leak. If your copper pipes start leaking in one spot, it is likely to start happening more often in other spots.
  • You have experienced extra costs due to damage caused by leaks below. If you have had to replace flooring or furnishings due to leaks, it could happen again.

Now, repiping your home is an involved process. The main copper line into your home will be replaced with a new pipe made from CPVC. These pipes will be routed into your attic space instead of under your slab. From there, they will be sent to the rooms in your house where water is needed.

Repiping your home is something you should leave to the professionals who have the experience needed. The best way to get started is to call in a reliable plumbing company to assess your pipes and to give you an estimate.