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In addition to surfing, the sport he was in the team Anomaly Teams with Oasis Skateboard Factory

Two years earlier Andy Irons had sat in the very same plastic lawn chair Dusty Payne sits in now.

Andy was reading a fistful of printed pages, goodwill messages from fans around the world wishing him the best for his comeback. Andy’s surfing–and Andy himself–had bottomed out in the years prior, and here he was, a three-time World Champ almost in tears over simple messages from kids in Sao Paulo and Sprecklesville and San Clemente.

Famously, Andy went on to win the contest, his first in three years.

His last. “The last time I ever spoke to him was in Portugal,” recalls Dusty. “It was four in the morning and he was leaving for the airport. He woke me up and gave me a hug and said, ‘I’ll see you in Puerto Rico. I’m so psyched, I can’t wait. I love you, brah.’ And that was it. The last time I ever saw him.” I ask Dusty what Andy would say to him now if he was here. “He’d be kicking my ass and pumping up my tires and telling me I should get out there and start taking guys down. Andy wasn’t perfect, but in a way that’s what was so great about him. He was a real person with flaws but he just found a way to be freaking awesome.”

The same challenge lies before Dusty.

The injury should at least earn him a wildcard for 2013, so it’ll be the Tour, once more with feeling. But if Dusty is to experience a personal renaissance, if Dusty is to find his place in the sun on Tour, he knows things need to change. He’s learned from Andy. Dusty knows he has to paddle out with a reason to win. He knows he needs to restore faith in both himself and his surfing, and for now he doesn’t care if that only happens for one heat. “I just want a heat–one heat–where I surf like me. Even if I fall off for a whole 30 minutes, instead of holding back and surfing like a goose, I just wanna have a dig. Throw everything at it. Surf like me. Right now that would be enough.”

I quip to him that you could write a pretty good country song about his first years on Tour. His response hints he’s ready to turn it all around. “Yeah,” he says, smirking, “But you know what they say happens when you play a country song backward? Your wife comes home and your dog comes back to life.”



The week after this story was filed, Dusty finally surfed a heat like Dusty. Not just any heat either–potentially the biggest heat anyone would surf this year, a world title riding on it. Dusty versus Kelly, with a Dusty win handing the world title to good friend Joel Parkinson. At Steamer Lane the real Dusty stood up. His body language said it all, leading with chest and fists. He surfed with purpose all the way. He fought. Then when needing a 9.5 in the dying seconds he threw an audaciously lofted Hail Mary. At first it looked a big, dumb ol’ throwaway punt like all the others he’s launched over the past two years when he’s been losing heats badly. The ones he does to mock both himself and the system, flicking the bird to the universe. Except this time he stuck it. Cold. It was his Lost Atlas air done in real time, live to the world.

Andy-Irons-2pat-635-625x416It was glorious. It was his moment. He raised his arms to the screaming crowd on the bluff, and the sound of country music playing backward filled the air. The surfers’ area fizzed. The beach held a collective breath. Parko couldn’t watch. It had to be the score, surely? It had to be an … 8.27!? The Internet was flooded with interrobangs and bile while Dusty’s dark love affair with the Tour continues.



There was no “just surfing.” Nobody just bought a board and went down and surfed. A surfer built surfboards and raced paddleboards and abalone dived–any of the great surfers were also great watermen and they had all kinds of activities they were good at. A surfer was a guy to whom the ocean was sacred.


When the U.S. Army wanted to land troops in North Africa and Sicily, they knew that they first needed to understand and predict the kinds of 5 waves they would encounter. So they went to a surfer at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. So in a sense, a surfer was grandly important to the history of America.


If they’re in love with surfing, then they’re in love with the sea, and if they’re in love with the sea, then they’re in love with God. That’s what makes surfing so magical.


Called How to Choose a Mistress. Nobody’s ever read it. I couldn’t publish it now, because my wife would kill me. The book is about f–king, it’s not about love or sex; it’s about f–king. Because when you f–k up the f–king, everything deteriorates.


And by what happened in Hitler’s Germany. To me, as a Jew, to have this going on and not do anything, would be like you, as a surfer, paddling out and watching somebody drowning and not give them any aid.


Health is the presence of a superior state of well-being–a vigor, a vitality that has to be worked for, day after day.


I paddled out at Waikiki. I can’t see anymore, so I catch waves by listening to the waves crash, the people laughing and having fun, and by feeling the ocean moving beneath me.


And bigger than ourselves when we ride the waves.


“Slow and steady wins the race” I didn’t get it at the time. I prohably had ADHD as a kid. Dad was always trying to slow me up. I still need slowing up today. I’ll say to myself, “Maybe if I slow down here I’ll actually get where I’m going quicker.”

AUGUST: Sticky


AUGUST 2012.

hello+augustThe laziest of Tahitian trades blows through the village. A single cloud clings to the summit of the shark-tooth peak in the valley beyond, but that’s the only one in the Pacific sky. The lagoon is diamond strewn and the palm trees silent green fireworks. Apart from an ambling Staffordshire bitch and her litter of pups, nothing much else moves in the heat of the day. It’s wallpaper.


imagesDusty Payne is sitting on the porch listening to country music. They’re the same songs that as a kid Dusty would hear in his old man’s truck as they drove through the red dirt pineapple fields down to Launiupoko to go surf. A love of country music has stayed with him ever since, and as incongruous as Johnny Cash floating on the Tahitian breeze might seem, it prompts a contented smile. “1 can’t ask for a better life,” he swoons. “Have a look at where I am.” Dusty surfed a heat yesterday, his first in almost a year. He lost, went over the falls, and was bundled out of the contest in straight sets, but he climbed back into the boat laughing. The elixir of saltwater had worked its magic. “It’s just sick to be back in the water again. I’m really just thankful for that. I didn’t have too many expectations. I only started surfing again a week ago. The ankle’s still not 100 percent,” he offers, “but I think my bead’s a lot better.”


images2Dusty’s housemates in Tahiti are Shane Dorian and Joel Parkinson, and this axis of pure positivity refuses to let him dark-cloud any moment of the day. Dusty trains with Shane in the front yard of the house as a group of Tahitian girls in bikinis walk past. As fit as he’s ever been, Dusty sees them and struts across the yard like a bantam rooster. (They keep walking. “Their loss,” and “he don’t like World Champ”  winterDusty says.) He then paddles out to the judging tower in the lagoon and does chin-ups off the rafters. He sits in the empty judges booth and punches in perfect 10s for himself in the scoring computer and declares himself the winner of the final. He comes in, grabs a board, and paddles out for a surf, saying he’s going to look for his right kneecap, which he thinks must still be out there from last year’s wipeout. Dusty is full of zest and zeal. Dusty’s laughing. Dusty’s back. The couch in Coolangatta seems a distant memory and the world suddenly seems ripe with possibility again.


images23Dusty and Shane discuss surfing Jaws. As part of Dusty’s “ankle rehab” last winter he’d paddle-surfed it with Shane on a big day. While it didn’t help the ankle (he was in a moonboot soon after) it washed away some Tour grime and opened his eyes to new horizons. “Yeah, I tried to surf Jaws. I caught two waves, got a little head-dip barrel. It’s pretty intimidating, but it’s completely different to this [pointing to the judging tower]. Everyone is so humble and so cool and there’s really no ego in it. It’s pure love of getting a crazy wave and it’s completely different to competing. It was fun, you know, and it’s something I want to do a lot more in coming years.”


welcome_august_2013-443040We talk about Andy. Dusty’s first year on Tour was Andy’s last, and the pair traveled together for much of it. “Man, he was who I wanted to be, who I looked up to. He definitely played the role of big brother to me, which was cool.” We talk about Andy’s famous combativeness, which Dusty saw plenty of firsthand. “You could fricken pull out any game and he’d want to smoke you. That’s the kind of guy he was. I’d never played backgammon before and we were on this boat trip in Mexico and he taught me how to play. First game I beat him, and he was so pissed he wouldn’t talk to me. Pissed. I was just a kid and was just apologizing to him for winning.”


imagesAndy might have hated losing, but it’s easy to forget that before his world titles, before he reinvented himself as the most ruthless competitor of the modern age, Andy was actually quite good at it. Like Dusty, Andy struggled during his first years on Tour, felt totally lost, and actually dropped off Tour in 1999, finishing an inglorious 34th. It took him a couple of years, but once Andy got his head together about life on Tour his surfing followed. Dusty learned that every time Andy paddled out he did so with a reason to win. “It didn’t matter who he went up against, he didn’t care. He’d be on the beach surfing against some guy rated 50 places below him, and, you know, the funny thing was that he thought he was the underdog! He’d be like, ‘Yeah, this guy is nuts!’ And I’d be like, ‘What are you talking about?’ Then he’d go out and destroy whoever it was and make them look like a kid. And I’d be like, ‘What were you saying 30 minutes ago?'”

Colnago Road Bicycles

Colnago road bicycles are considered as the high end, well-known, and best road bike under 10000 Company. Moreover, Ernesto Colnago founded Colnago bicycles in 1954 in Cambiago nearby the Milan, Italy. Their main notion was to create lightweight and top quality steel road bicycles frames for expert and sportsmen cycles. This article will share the information about of the most amazing bikes namely Colnago Road Bikes.

Colnago bikes

Colnago rapidly gained a firm repute in Italian Biking Community

During 1960 Italian professional cyclist, namely Luigi Arienti operated the Colnago Bicycle to conquest and won first prize in Rome Olympic sports in 1960. This significantly increased and improved the Colnago’s position in the world of cycling. Eventually from this point, Colnago developed as the best brand among all other leading road bike frame manufacturers.

Additionally, during the sixties, the Colnago bicycles were mostly ridden in the main Tour together with the Tour De France, Giro D’Italia and Vuelta Espana. In 1972, one of the most famous cyclist namely Eddie Merck rode the Colnago bicycle in order to break a world hour top score.colnago road bikes

The Colnago bicycle, which he rode on that day, become quite popular in the world of cycling. Moreover, since it has been showed all around the world with Eddies Township of the Brussels, Belgium. During 1982, colnago created the very lightweight Columbus metal frame which Italian rider Saroni secured the world level road competition.

Additionally, Colnago enlarged the overall size of the road bicycle collection and in 1970’s created the extremely considered Colnago super. During the mid of the 1980’s colnago were generating folded tube structures with colnago Dominant and Master dainty being the uppermost end road structures and best venders. Moreover, Colnago Master is producing the bikes in several materials from many year.

Lighter, sturdier and firmer structures

Their main purpose is that, Colnago should produce the lighter, sturdier and firmer structures. Colnago has also initiated the making of their top level Precisa Forks, it is considered as the first fork, which has straight blades. Meanwhile, during the early 1990’s, this company has manufactured the C40. Beside this, they manufactured the C50 it is carbon fiber road structure formed in combination with the Ferrari, which is the topmost rated road structure available in the market.

Beside this, colnago hold a powerful position in the cycle’s teams, supporting teams ever since 10970’s like Eddie Merckx. The Colnago bikes including team from US, Rabobank and Milram team support most of the upcoming teams.

Existing colnago road bicycles range contains the topmost colnago EPS along with the colnago exclusive dragged approach and a semi Monocoque steel CLX1 having dragged chain. Its seat remains for an additional power transfer. Furthermore, this company still makes steel structure models like limited issue ColnagoMaster-55.

This company gained much fame due to the steel frames, which are very lightweight. On the very lower range, colnago produced the entry-level bike especially made up of Aluminum 600. Cyclists can purchase it at an affordable price. Colnago road bikes are highly recommended.

Nick Soros has been many different road bike and become an cycling enthusiast for a 10 years. He collected many top and affordable road bike on the market that can help you choose the most suitable one. They’re basing your budget as well as your demand. So it would be useful if you check his informative advice before give your final decision. Not only for first riders, but experienced ones.




One month old infants are in need of care and protection of the right way for heathiness and quick development. Therefore, what should mothers do to help babies develop most thoroughly? Let’s see how to care one month infants below.

Infant hygiene

baby careThis is so important that you have to do carefully. You should:

  • Change diapers and clean infants regularly.
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching your baby
  • Cut baby nail
  • Care for your infant umbilical cord properly
  • You can bathe your baby every day, keep the temperature of warm water around 37-40 degrees celsius. Bathe quickly and dry your baby promptly. Baby shower should be in an airtight room.
  • Avoid infant exposing to pollution sources: smoke, dust, paint, food smell …

Keeping your baby safe

Lay your baby in a fixed position and do not change or put your baby in various places. Sleeping places can be a cot, bed, but they must be lined around carefully. Do not allow your baby to sleep alone, there must be someone around. Sometimes parents feel anxious about the sleeping place for infants. When you lay your baby on beds to sleep with adults, you can lie on baby accidentally. To prevent this case, I suppose you have a crib or a playard to ensure your baby safety. If you do not have any experiences in choosing one, you can reference at Best pack and play playards 2015 – Baby Insider


Do not take your baby away too far or too much.

Do not use hot food or beverage while holding the baby because the they can fall on baby.

Do regular sunbathing within 15-30 minutes but it must be before 8 am to avoid intense sunlight on her.

Keep room temperature reasonable, avoiding sunlight, wind.

Always have emergency telephone number to contact family member, doctor when neccessary

Playing with babies

playing with babyMake many different face expression when playing. Try to follow the noise and the face she does.

Talk gently near her ears. Let your baby listin to music

Raise your baby on your shoulder so she can see around. Hold your baby head for she is not strong enough.

Let her see the painting and the simple patterns in bright colors with decorative items, keep 20-30 cm far from baby eyes

Hang small, bright colored objects toy in baby cribs.

Hold your baby, care, kiss her. Talk to your baby, call your baby name.


Once born, baby needs to have time to adapt to the new environment, outside the mother’s womb. In the womb of mother, babies’ body temperature is always stable. But after birth, baby’s body loses heat because the environmental temperature is lower than the mother’s uterus. Therefore, your baby should be kept warm.

After bathing, you should immediately wipe your baby with a dry cloth from head to toe, and keep infants warm. You need to wear diapers, gloves, socks and hats for your baby. Baby should be keep warm in mother’s arms.

Mother and baby ought to sunbathe in the early morning each day for 15-20 minutes. It not only supplies with vitamin D for better calcium absorption from milk, but also helps to quickly reduce jaundice. The devices used for infants, such as spoons, cups, bottles … need to be clean, boiled in water before use to ensure hygiene. Nappies, clothes, hats, gloves … should be washed then dry in sunlight.


The baby’s development

At about two weeks old, the five senses of the baby improve day by day. The baby’s head was too big for body and the neck muscles are very weak, so you must be careful when lifting her head to protect baby head and neck.

Babies also begin to use the ears to hear and eyes to see. Their faces now look more chubby and adorable, babies can sometimes smile. Your soft voice can make your baby excited and relieved to hear the familiar voice of mother.

Parents have said that, a newborn changes entire normal life and there are a lot of extra work arising. Therefore, in this moment, the help of friends and relatives is essential.

How to select the best travel stroller

Is your family going to have an interesting trip but you haven’t prepared the full essential items for members in your family especially infant? Do you know that travel stroller itself is one of the indispensable objects for the long journey with your baby? Let you consider the following features to know whether or not your infant’s current stroller at home suits to your family’s trip. In the event of its not appropriate elements, this article can be the wonderful assistance for purchasing another stroller. Unlike the best lightweight stroller buying guide, if you would like to buy the best travel stroller, you have to pay attention the basic aspects below:

Its size and weight

best umbrella stroller
This is considered the most important aspect because the heavier travel stroller is, the bulkier your baggage is even more. There aren’t any travel stroller can meet two main needed demands of most people that means no travel stroller is able to both be small for transporting easily and get the full functions for satisfying the using needs of your baby. Thus, let you think out carefully what you need and don’t need. Normally, the utilizing demands for a long journey are that its weight is light enough for you to lift it upstairs or downstairs easily as well as it is small enough for you to store in hotel room without taking much space. If those are what you expect, you can think about the best umbrella stroller for travelling due to this type of model is capable of folding fast, beautiful but it still gets fully the necessary features. (more…)

To Choose A Golf Gps Watch – Key Things To Consider!

To Choose A Golf Gps Watch – Key Things To Consider!

Are you looking for the Best Golf Gps Watch? Would you like to measure the distance of your golf green accurately? Then you should consider something while choosing a Golf Gps Watch. All the Golf Gps Watch have same task that is to measure distance from your desired targets on the golf green. The main thing you should consider how easy they are to use and how accurately they can achieve the result. These two things vary from watch to watch.Approach S6 watch review

To choose a Golf Gps Watch you should consider some key things before making your purchase decision. Besides, the price, you must first consider in which purpose you will use the watch. You may buy it for tournament or competition purpose. In that case you should buy Tournament Legal Golf gps watch. These types of watches are legal for tournament as it provides line of sight distance measure.

Slope Editions watches are not permitted to use in tournament play or competitions as they offer more advanced features like weather condition, account the angle slope and even selecting club and sometimes give suggestions to take club for next shot.

Now you have understood that you just need to buy Slope Editions watches if you want to play casually with your friends or want to get training practically. You might decide to buy it for competition. In that case you should buy Tournament Edition.

While choosing golf gps watch, you should consider the maximum distance range. That means how much distance the gps watch cover. And you should examine how accurate they are. In the market you will find golf watch which covers from 500 yards to 1000 yards. Some of the modern latest might be accurate up to 6 inch.Garmin-Approach-S5-review-GPS-watch

This accuracy actually has been tested under optimal weather condition with smooth, large and reflective targets. To keep yourself safe, it is better to have that figure in your head. But it will be OK, if you get a fine weather.

During the time of testing golf watch, it is better to consider weight, size and magnification capability. You must also notice its user friendliness and comfort with vertical and horizontal gps watch.

Sometimes, you might want to get more information about your golf gps watch. In that case you can take the help of on line review. In the review the player and buyer will provide practical information regarding golf gps watch. Both negative and positive information you will find there.

It is better to buy golf gps from the famous brand as the famous brands maintain quality. How can you know the famous brand in the market? You can hear it from your friend or from online. Sometimes, in online you will find some explainer videos which will show you how to operate the golf gps watch properly.Garmin-Approach-watch-S4

To sum up, it can be said that according to your demand and wish you should choice your gps golf watch. If you can do so, it will help you to be the best player

Things to consider buying a good motorcycle helmet

Selection of appropriate types of helmets is extremely important to protect the safety of participants in traffic when the accident is occurred. Many factors need to be considered when buying a helmet. Besides the size, type, safety indicators, you should pay attention to some other issues within the sensing and passive safety. Here are the tips that you should keep in mind when buying a helmet.

1. The ability to hear the surrounding sound when driving machine

When controlling the motor, the perception of everything happening around is extremely important. It is good if you have the means to analyze situations that may arise in danger. To do this, the driver’s senses like ears and eyes should be ensured to the maximum extent.

When driving in densely populated areas or urban, the ability to hear the sound of vehicles in circulation is very important. Many of the cases have proved that the riders can avoid the unfortunate accidents due to listening to the sound on the road. Ideally, please select the type of helmet should not eliminate entirely, but only alleviate the traffic noise, for example the German motorcycle helmet low profile. This will help you concentrate on driving but could anticipate the emergencies.

It is similar to the windshield of the helmet. If you buy a helmet with a large windshield, wind sound will not affect your concentration while driving and your eyes will not regulate much. Conversely, if your helmet has no windscreen, not only your ears will be affected by wind noise but also your eyes become tired of dirt in the air.

2. The view of the helmet

Maximize visibility on the road while riding is extremely necessary. A helmet can create a wide range of observations that should be given more priority than those with limit vision. Peripheral vision plays an important role in locating the driver on the road, especially when you are surrounded by many other means. A helmet with small visor slit forcing users to look up to observe the change of traffic lights while they have looked down to check the instrument when driving.

When you have to move frequently in areas with low temperatures, think about the kind of helmet with anti-fog visor. Meanwhile, the temperature drop after the summer rains can cause moisture in the driver’s breath condenses creating a dim view on visor causing potential hazards. To ensure the safety, a helmet with anti-fog visor is what you should always consider.


World Champ



My manager at the time was a pretty flamboyant guy. It was around the time of my world titles, and I had a real taste for winning and knew a lot of mainstream sportspeople did a lot of different training outside their sport. I’d already done a lot of heavy, ballistic dance aerobic classes to get fit, so 1 figured while I was out of my comfort zone I might as well go all the way. I was winning a lot at the time, but classical ballet humbled me like I’ve never been humbled. My daughter now dances ballet full-time … it must be in the genes.


But there was always something telling me that it was just a moment. It was a moment where I was good, the best, but that’s all it was, a moment. All of a sudden I’m losing. First round and I’m losing and I can’t find a wave. I’m like, “But I’m the World Champ!” As soon as I got on my high horse, I was f–ked. The ocean is a great leveler.


And I didn’t even catch it. I needed to get through two more heats to win a third world title. I paddled for a wave 1 shouldn’t have, lost the heat and the world title. It changed me, and it changed my attitude to competitive surfing. I’d put so much energy into this one way of surfing, and something suddenly shifted inside me. That one heat changed how and why I went surfing, but I didn’t know how much it changed me until much later.




The greatest surfer ever. It’s the wonderful thing about competition.


I’m naturally a surfer and I knew how to respond to the ocean. That was natural. Responding to the cry of a child? That freaked me out. It was like, run to the ocean and go surfing! Being a father made me step beyond myself, but I learned being a parent is a lot like being in the ocean in that you can’t fight it. You have to go with it. That’s been the big lesson they’ve taught me, to back up as a father and give them room to grow.


Then I had to learn to listen to it, which is the hard part. Throughout my career, I’ve been sat on my ass by injury so many times. To get back out there, I have had to give my body a voice and understand what it’s telling me. Then I learned how to use that voice to get back in the water. Then once I get back out there, I sort of lose myself again and I stop listening to my body, and suddenly I’m injured again. It’s a recurring theme.


In a lot of ways I’m still desperate to surf at a high level, and in the last five years I’ve ridden some of the heaviest waves of my life. But I’ve been learning to step back. I had my first surf back on an injured ankle at G-Land. I had a blast at first, but when I started realizing I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do it became really frustrating. I’m taking the approach that my surfing is getting neither better nor worse, it’s just aging gracefully.


I’ve had a different kind of life. I left home very early, I had to make money. I lived by myself since I was 15. When I was 13, I left my mom’s house to live with my dad, but he’s a politician, so he was gone most of the time.




When I was 15 or 16, I had never surfed big waves, but I was watching movies.


I was 17, I left to Hawaii, I knew nobody, I just went. My mom didn’t want to let me go, it was a big drama at home. I had some small sponsors at the time–I think I had free clothes. But I got a job, and I just surfed.


My dad supported me until I was 18, but not much. I had to work for sure. I had no surfboards, I had nothing. I used to stay in Indo for so long, I didn’t care about anything. I’d stay in the jungle, with a backpack for six months.

Contrary to snow winter beautiful summer sky (AUGUST), it is convenient to play the sport and for the long trip.

All On Board




Seven American labels deck out skateboards in fall prints.

imagesWhen skateboard-apparel designer Jayne Min decided to personalize her decks (the wooden part of the board), she plastered them in CA[c]line’s Moroccan-tile print and uploaded them onto her blog, Stop It Right Now. “Growing up with skateboarding in the nineties shaped my interests,” she says. While the Long Beach, California, native, 33, may no longer be perfecting ollies where she now lives, in L.A.’s Little Tokyo, her closet still hangs on skateboarding’s once-supersize silhouettesand the rest of us are picking up speed.

The sport follows baseball and surfing in a line of athletic subcultures with an indigenous style, vernacular, and code of behavior that fashion has been swept up in. That CA[c]line created highlighter-bright pony-hair skate shoes and Kate Moss fronted the campaign for iconic skate brand Supreme last spring are proof enough of that.

“Supreme T-shirts were an epidemic in the nineties,” recalls Narciso Rodriguez.

2s“I gave them to everyone, including Kate, when we were at Calvin Klein. It’s funny how the trend has come back around.” Indeed, its urban athleticism resonates as much with Generation Xers in the throes of nostalgia as with Millennials clicking for style inspiration with a mouse. That explains why Min’s online journal, for which she dons hyperluxe skate-slacker getupsan oversize denim CA[c]line shift paired with Nike sneakers or an LNA tee and DIY’d leather board shorts among themhas gained notoriety.

“I’m all about comfort and ease,” she says. “And I’m particular about length, so alter everything!” In that same spirit of customization, VOGUE asked seven American labels to collaborate on decks with Min, using prints from their fall collections. “I’m from a generation of designers that references the street,” says Thakoon. Alexander Wang agrees: “The street tells you what’s going on in culture.”




Here there are beautiful beaches and blue waves so high that you can surf, wonderful That’s magic Qatar Duty Free reveals tricks of toys success


  • Diane von Furstenberg
  • Alexander Wang
  • Tory Burch
  • Thakoon
  • Rag & Bone
  • Narciso Rodriguez
  • Theyskens’ Theory




25min. Burnside, CD, $12. Gr. 2-4.

KidQuake also be written in the book Skateboard Party [Carver Chronicles]that most people that enjoy reading it.

a3951666364_7Staying true to their snappy name, members of the Seattle-based band Not-Its! don’t always take their own advice. “Busy” recommends that overscheduled kids (and parents) slow down, but Not-Its! musicians rarely wind down, as their music is all about energy and relentless rock. Title tune “KidQuake!” taps into the “molten kid core.” It’s about staying active, whether outside (“Let’s Skateboard,” “Walk or Ride”) or indoors (“Rock, Paper, Scissors”; “Full Tilt”). Even if the reward is the unavoidable “Participation Trophy,” kids are encouraged to do something.


In a gentler tempo, the Not-Its! venture into the classroom in “Operation Cooperation” and stay for a strangely nonglum “Tarantula Funeral.” They also cast a wry eye on a sibling’s volcanic “Temper Tantrum,” a decidedly unhelpful, comical energy explosion. Relatively short at 25 minutes and 10 songs, the album may be just long enough to wear out seemingly tireless kids. Kooky cover art by musician and graphic designer Don Clark is an additional blast of fun.